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Mon, Jan. 13th, 2014, 02:35 pm

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Thu, Jan. 19th, 2012, 08:53 pm
cut sketch

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Wed, Apr. 20th, 2011, 02:34 pm
HMD Post!

Comment here to tell me what you think of how I'm playing my characters. Gushing praise? Harsh criticism? Helpful tips? Gushing praise? Tell me here!

This post allows for anonymous comments, but I'd honestly prefer if you didn't use them. I can handle criticism, and even if I disagree with you, I'll do my best to remain polite and not bite your head off or something. If you truly feel uncomfortable telling me something to my face and would prefer to remain anonymous, that means I'm doing something wrong, so please leave a note explaining why you feel that way to help me fix the problem in the future.

Thu, Mar. 31st, 2011, 07:01 pm

A quick recap of my campaign's plot, written up for a new player and anybody who could ever conceivably give a fuck!

It seemed like such a good idea at the time: let's have a rebellion...Collapse )

Sun, Mar. 6th, 2011, 01:56 am

[A few days ago, I chronicled my misadventures dealing with a spambot harassing me on AIM. At the time, I didn't take the conversation seriously, assuming that when next I logged on the spambot would have moved on to more gullible pastures.

Evidently, I was wrong. JayRiv7814 has contacted me nearly every night since then, babbling about IQ quizzes incessantly. What strikes me as being strange about this bot is its sheer persistence. Tonight, however, JayRiv's routine changed up a little. Read on...Collapse )

Thu, Feb. 24th, 2011, 11:08 pm
Bruce Wayne vs. A Sexbot

JayRiv7814: (10:42:43 PM) hey you
JayRiv7814 signed on at 10:42 PM.
Blazing Folly: (10:42:59 PM) Howdy, can I help you?
JayRiv7814: (10:43:13 PM) hi .. have we chatted before? 24/female here...you?
JayRiv7814: (10:43:16 PM) hi .. have we chatted before? 24/female here...you?
JayRiv7814: (10:45:57 PM) hello
Blazing Folly: (10:46:40 PM) I don't believe we have, but it's a pleasure to meet you nonetheless! They call me BF.
JayRiv7814: (10:46:49 PM) i'm sorry ..i get to be forgetful at times!! how're you??
JayRiv7814: (10:46:50 PM) i'm sorry ..i get to be forgetful at times!! how're you??
Blazing Folly: (10:48:53 PM) Could be better, I guess. Today is kind of a sad anniversary for me.
JayRiv7814: (10:49:02 PM) Just got out of the shower...long day been kind of busy! but i'm feeling naughty! so what's up ..... want to have some fun?
JayRiv7814: (10:49:05 PM) Just got out of the shower...long day been kind of busy! but i'm feeling naughty! so what's up ..... want to have some fun?
Blazing Folly: (10:50:43 PM) I haven't had any real fun since this day 20 years ago- the day my parents were killed.
JayRiv7814: (10:50:59 PM) I need a man that can make me squirt......have u ever made a girl squirt? lolz
Blazing Folly: (10:52:52 PM) If I sprayed you with some of the knock-out gas from my utility belt, would that count?
JayRiv7814: (10:53:04 PM) gonna change my clothes ... want to see ?
Blazing Folly: (10:53:22 PM) Wait a minute. Robin, is that you?
Blazing Folly: (10:53:26 PM) Goddammit Robin.
Blazing Folly: (10:53:33 PM) I TOLD you, not today!
JayRiv7814: (10:53:50 PM) wanna play on cam?
Blazing Folly: (10:54:46 PM) I shouldn't even be here right now. There are criminals to be caught.
Blazing Folly: (10:54:49 PM) Gotham needs me.
JayRiv7814: (10:55:02 PM) click http://www.yourprivateshow.com/3tj6 ..k, now fill out ur info ..don't worry it's FREE .... ..give it a second to load ..when you get in we'll make a private room ....k?
Blazing Folly: (10:56:17 PM) I'm sorry, miss, but it's not to be.
Blazing Folly: (10:56:26 PM) If my enemies found out about you, they'd kill you to get to me.
JayRiv7814: (10:56:38 PM) i use this site to play on cuz i don't want to be recorded !...this site doesn't allow users to record my webcam! you know?
Blazing Folly: (10:57:33 PM) I know what you mean. Fucking pararazzi won't leave me alone either. "Bruce, what are your feelings on the Batman? Do you think something should be done about the Batman?"
Blazing Folly: (10:57:41 PM) I swear to God, sometimes I just want to flip out and karate chop a bitch.
JayRiv7814: (10:57:46 PM) credit card is just to verify your age, you'll get in for free thru my page but you need to verify that you're an adult ...can't show ass and pussy to minors .. u know?
JayRiv7814: (10:57:52 PM) make me your bitch
Blazing Folly: (10:58:21 PM) God, you have no idea how tempting that is.
Blazing Folly: (10:58:24 PM) But I'm really sorry.
Blazing Folly: (10:58:31 PM) I left my Bat Credit Card in my other costume.
JayRiv7814: (10:58:43 PM) let me know when you're done or if you need help ...i'll be gettin' ready for you ..K ?
Blazing Folly: (11:00:13 PM) Alright, fuck it. I deserve it.
Blazing Folly: (11:00:20 PM) Just gimmee a sec to- oh goddammit.
Blazing Folly: (11:00:24 PM) There's the signal.
Blazing Folly: (11:00:26 PM) EVERY GODDAMN TIME.
JayRiv7814: (11:00:40 PM) brb.. 1 second ... got to restart my cam ...u coming?
Blazing Folly: (11:01:33 PM) God dammit. I want to, but whenever I ignore the signal Gordon leaves me the fucking whiniest voice mails you can imagine.
Blazing Folly: (11:01:37 PM) BATMAAAAAN WHERE WERE YOU
Blazing Folly: (11:01:48 PM) Fucker.
JayRiv7814: (11:01:57 PM) k ur good let me know when you're in babe..
Blazing Folly: (11:03:10 PM) Oh god, it's probably the fucking Joker again.
Blazing Folly: (11:03:14 PM) You have no idea how much I hate that guy.
Blazing Folly: (11:03:21 PM) Jesus CHRIST we get it, you're a clown.
JayRiv7814: (11:03:24 PM) free, lol, read the fine print on that page babe..it says session is only $0.00 if a premium member invites you...I've been a premium member there for a long time. Trust me I know how the site works I'm a webcam freaklol..
JayRiv7814: (11:03:33 PM) are you in yet?
Blazing Folly: (11:04:38 PM) Oh man, I hope it is the Penguin. You have no idea how much fun it is beating him up.
Blazing Folly: (11:04:49 PM) One time? I punched him so hard he literally shit himself.
JayRiv7814: (11:04:50 PM)
Blazing Folly: (11:04:57 PM) Yeah, it was pretty rad.
JayRiv7814: (11:05:13 PM) k
Blazing Folly: (11:06:33 PM) Maybe I'll give the site a look next time, but I better get going before Gordon gets on my ass about WAAAAH CIVILIAN CASUALTIES again. It's been cool talking to you.
Blazing Folly: (11:06:37 PM) Unless this is actually Robin.
Blazing Folly: (11:06:41 PM) In which case fuck off Robin.
JayRiv7814: (11:06:52 PM) k
JayRiv7814: (11:06:56 PM) mhhm fuck me
Blazing Folly: (11:07:14 PM) For the last time, Robin.
Blazing Folly: (11:07:15 PM) NOT TONIGHT.

Thu, Nov. 4th, 2010, 01:30 pm

Okay so, girls who wanted to record lines for my campaign! Next session I'll be having the PCs face off against a villainous female Sorceror who will provide ominous foreshadowing and soforth while generally being a royal bitch and a half. Voicewise, I'm looking for pretty much your typical sultry, teasing, evilevilevil voice.

Anyone who's interested can send me lines, I'm not too concerned with specifics! I'll probably go on a first-come first-serve basis, but if someone's already sent me lines and you want to anyway, by all means, feel free! Thanks in advance for indulging my dorkiness, guys. Also please use .mp3 format if possible, my computer apparently hates pretty much any other kind of format.

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